New Year. New Blog. Probably the same old story.


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So here I am again. I've switch the blog from serendipity to wordpress. Despite the possible security issues with  wordpress, I've a number of wordpress blogs and I have a script which should help me keep them all up to date using svn.

In addition, I'm in the process of moving my hosting from gradwell to a Virtual Machine hosted by bytemark partly because it will be cheaper for me and also because I was finding it hard getting support questions answered by  gradwell. This also means that at low volumes the response time from a dedicated server is much faster than from shared hosting. With the rollout of google's new Caffeine infrastructure it's likely that speed will become a factor in the search results.

So I've also built a new template for the site. It's basically a cut down hacked around version of the standard wordpress kubrik template. From the previous site I've cut down on the use of colour and I've dropped headers entirely and kept a single sidebar. There are lots of tweaks that still need to be applied.

So, I'm hoping to provide regular updates on my usual activities… Progress on the bread making front, photography, OpenStreetMap, Bedlamites and whatever else comes up :) In reality I probably won't end up doing anything for another 3 months.