My space...

Right I have to admit I not a big fan of myspace. I don't like the fact that every page seems to make noise. I have my own music/tv/whatever happening and I don't like the intrusion. Then there are the awful templates that most people seem to apply to the page. Despite this it does seem to be one of the most popular websites in whatever country you look, so I have an account. I was looking round yesterday to see if anyone from my old School was on and I spotted the fiollowing: It may be minor, but the profile Updated is shown as {ts '2007-02-06 13:06:06'}. The whole {ts ' '} thing shouldn't be displayed, this is just shoddy. Furthermore I just tried to run the same search and recieved an error: ** Sorry! an unexpected error has occurred. This error has been forwarded to MySpace's technical group.** So maybe they've taken down the serach facility to fix these kind of errors, but this isn't the first time that I've seen these errors and you would expect the quality of a site the size of myspace to be much better.

Google Earth Finally does Edinburgh...

I've just noticed that Google have finally got round to updating the Google Earth imagery for Edinburgh. It's about time to as the Microsoft and Yahoo aerial imagery have covered Edinburgh for some time now.

It looks to me like the images of Edinburgh were captured in August last year, the level of detail is very impressive. A few nice things to point out here are, sitting on the Meadows we can see the big top circus tent and fairground used over the festival. []/post-assets/2006-12-17-google-earth-finally-does-edinburgh/fairground_meadows.jpg)

Also of interest is the aerial view of of the Quartermile development. We can see how much of the area has been demolished and how much the area still has to be developed.

The winding areas of the castle is also well worth a look. The bandstands put up for the Edinburgh Tattoo is in evidence on the esplanade.

To open these files in Google Earth use these kml files: EdinburghCastle.kmz, Quartermile_Edinburgh.kmz, FairgroundonMeadows.kmz

Autumn Colour

leaves On the lookout for some Autumn Pictures I managed to get this shot of some leaves under a layer of water on a children's slide.

Photo Galleries...

All main photos are now in the same place under gallery2. Highlights from this years holiday in Devon, are also now up. Finally I've also been playing with Flickr and some of my top pics are hiding there.